The Spray Analysis and Research Services group at Spraying Systems Company offers a multi-tier seminar series, which is designed to educate our customers and assist them in making quality design choices. A set of multi-level technical presentations provides attendees with spray technology overviews with application-focused topics. Each tier of the seminar series (100, 200, 300, and 400) provides a program to meet the depth of the customer’s interest and needs, providing:

  • On-site and off-site seminars
  • General nozzle technology and in-depth application discussions
  • Classroom presentations and laboratory demonstrations
  • Overview of the Spraying Systems Company core competencies: Spray Nozzles, Spray Control, Spray Analysis, Spray Fabrication

Although each seminar provides an overview of Spraying Systems Company core competencies, the level of application specific information and hands-on demonstration increases with each tier.

100 Series: Lunch & Learn

200 Series: Lunch & Learn (Custom)

300 Series: Spray Smarter Seminar

400 Series: Spray Technology Seminar

Highly qualified experts in spray research and application solutions are made available to our customers through these seminars with the goal of generating complete and optimized spray solutions.
Contact your local sales representative for additional information, scheduling, and availability.