Testing Services

Spray Analysis and Research Services provides spray characterization services for both internal and external Research and Development projects. Through contract testing, customers are able to take advantage of the Spraying Systems Company laboratory as well as many state-of-the-art instruments. By offering these services, our customers are able to obtain accurate, high-resolution information about their spray solution without the cost of purchasing expensive equipment and training engineers to use it effectively.

Located at the Spraying Systems Co. world headquarters, just outside Chicago, the facility offers a convenient and reliable research building, with full access to design engineers, prototyping labs, and the entire catalog of Spraying Systems Co. nozzles and support equipment. Additional testing facilities are located around the world, providing customers an accessible partner to formulate spray solutions. Furthermore, all tests are conducted under ISO 9001:2008 and ISO 14001:2004 certified guidelines, providing tractable records for all projects and results.

The Spraying Systems Co. engineers are available to work with customers to determine the most important spray characteristics for a given application, and then determine how to best measure those characteristics. With access to nearly every modern spray characterization instrument, a selection can be made that uses the best tool for the job. Following the test program, all results and a test report are provided to the customer, which is tailored to the specific application and toward the requested spray solution.

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