Experimental Testing is the first tier in Our Unique Approach. Using our state-of-the-art spray lab and extensive spray diagnostic instrumentation, we can characterize and solve nearly and spray or spray-related problem.  

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How Testing Works

Our research engineers work with you to determine the most important spray characteristics for a given application, and then determine how to best measure those characteristics. With access to nearly every modern spray characterization instrument, a selection can be made that uses the best tool for the job. Following the test program, we provide all results and a final report, which is tailored to your application and customized solution.

Testing Services and Helpful Resources

Instruments and Facilities

The success of your spray solution depends on a thorough understanding of its spray characteristics and knowing which ones are critical to your operation. We provide detailed testing and analysis to help you fine-tune your spray operations.

On-Location Testing

Many of the instruments used in the Spray Analysis and Research Services laboratory are capable of being shipped to off-site locations, allowing our research engineers to perform the testing at the application site. 

Testing Solutions

Our research engineers have performed countless projects to measure nearly every aspect of every type of spray. View real examples of how we've helped our customers and learn more on how we can help you.

Technical Library

Not only does our Technical Library contain case studies and real world examples, we also house our research papers and scientific journal articles here. We want to give back to the greater scientific community by contributing relevant, applicable spray knowledge to business