We can help solve your application questions in three ways: experimental testing, computational modeling and prototyping/consulting.

Experimental Testing

Testing involves analyzing a spray's most important performance characteristics and we do this using the most advanced instrumentation on the market.

This may be drop size, volume distribution, spray velocity or shape, spray viscosity and more. Using our state-of-the-art spray laboratory, we can diagnose and solve nearly any spray-related problem.

Computational Modeling

In most cases, advanced or technical spray application questions are answered with experimental testing. However, some problems cannot be solved in a lab.

Perhaps your spray environment or spray material is extremely hazardous or your application can’t be efficiently replicated in a lab environment. In these cases, modeling software is the best, most precise option.

Prototyping and Consulting

Depending on your process goals or your spray-related problem, you may require a custom solution. 

We can help design, create and manufacture nearly any nozzle or product to meet your process specifications. If you need help bringing your unique idea to fruition or want to move your design forward, our prototyping services can help.

Other Helpful Resources

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