This seminar is an hour-long introduction to nozzles, atomization, measurement technology, and modeling held at our Wheaton, IL facility on a day and time of your choosing. 

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Seminar Details

The presentation lasts about an one hour, includes a catered lunch (or breakfast!) and covers the core competencies of Spraying Systems Co. listed below:

Spray Nozzles and Control

This includes an introduction to nozzle technology and a brief overview of the nozzles and products available from Spraying Systems Co.

Spray Analysis

This portion will review the spray characterization methods we use in our spray labs. This ranges from drop size measurement technology to modeling techniques.

Spray Fabrication

In this section, we cover the prototyping and fabrication options available from the Spray Analysis and Research Services group. We'll also tour our fabrication area.

For additional information, please see the Frequently Asked Questions below or contact us anytime for more information.

Who from my team would benefit from this Seminar?

This seminar is intended for engineers who are interested in sprays but have had limited or no exposure to spray or nozzle basics. 

Can the Seminar be held at my facility?

Definitely! This is part of our Custom Lunch & Learn, where we can curate the content and location based on your team's needs.

Do you cover any information aside from spray nozzle technology?

Yes! We can cover topics such as prototyping, 3D printing, records and documentation availability, and more.

Can people from my team attend if they're not engineers?

Absolutely - anyone who you think would benefit from more in-depth knowledge on spray nozzle technology and spray basics should attend.

How much does this cost?

Because this is an educational seminar, there is no cost to you aside from travel expenses to our facility.

Let us know if you have questions or would like to schedule a conversation with one of our research engineers. Contact Us


Mr. Rudolf J. Schick, Vice President

Global research leader and technical board member

Dr. Kyle M. Bade, Research Engineer

Expertise in testing and analysis; active in technical publication and review

Ms. Kathleen Brown, Research Engineer

Experience in modeling and testing; active in technical organizations