The Custom Lunch & Learn provides a custom, in-depth discussion of a spray technology topic. These can be tailored to be specific to your market or application.

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Seminar Details

The presentation lasts approximately one hour and includes a catered lunch (or breakfast!). We can cover any topics of interest to you and your team. Some potential topics for discussion are below:

Specific Applications

We can cover topics ranging from coating to cleaning to cooling, spray drying and more. This will include the spray products and engineering concepts specific to your business.

Specific Markets

If you'd like your seminar customized to your market, we can discuss the specific spray technology and engineering strategies unique to your field.

In-Depth Spray Concepts

Depending on your business and your team, we can tailor topics related to your operational needs. This could be strategies for optimization, advanced engineering concepts, or in-depth spray technology.

Please see our Frequently Asked Questions below or contact us anytime for more information!

Who from my team would benefit from this Seminar?

The great thing about our Custom 200 Series is the topics can be customized to you and your team. 

Can the Seminar be extended to longer than one hour?

Of course! Depending on your topics of interest and the size of your team, we can accommodate the length to your business needs.

Can we schedule a Custom Seminar if we haven't attended the 100 Series?

Yes! Contact us today to get more information or to schedule a custom seminar.

How much does the 200 Seminar Series cost?

Our goal is education and outreach. Cost may be free or a nominal amount, depending on location and number attending.

Contact us today for scheduling and availability. Email us