The 300 Series Spray Smarter Seminar is a comprehensive and customized presentation for customers seeking in-depth information on a specific application or topic.

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300 Series Seminar Details

Typically held on-site or at a regional Spraying Systems Co. sales office, the seminar can span a half-day or full day. The material is tailored to your specific application(s) and topics of interest and can include simple demonstrations. During the interactive, classroom-style educational session, attendees are provided with practical and actionable knowledge of:

Spray Nozzle Technology

This can range from basic spray technology concepts to more in-depth topics like material rheology or how flow rate, spray angle, spray pattern and coverage can affect process optimization.

System Maintenance and Nozzle Wear

This can range from how to detect spray system wear to building an effective maintenance plan to the effects of degradation on spray efficiency and how testing can help.

Advanced Engineering Concepts

This can be as basic as how to address and solve spray problems to as advanced as the testing, modeling and instrumentation methods available to help answer your spray questions.

Don't feel limited by the above topics!

The 300 Level Seminar is unique to you and your business needs. Let us know what you'd like your team to learn and we can help drive the content.

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Mr. Rudolf J. Schick, Vice President

Global research leader and technical board member

Dr. Kyle M. Bade, Research Engineer

Expertise in testing and analysis; active in technical publication and review

Ms. Kathleen Brown, Research Engineer

Experience in modeling and testing; active in technical organizations