Spray Analysis and Research Services of Spraying Systems Co. can help facilities across industries optimize spray technology for NOx control.

NOx Control Spray Analysis and Research

OEMs and waste, cement, glass, power and steel plants around the world rely on us for NOx control solutions. Spraying Systems Co. has the industry’s largest selection of nozzles and unique capabilities regarding injector design and fabrication, plus automated systems designed just for NOx control, as well as process modeling capabilities to validate performance while still in the design phase. We provide total solutions and testing and modeling services for accurate and optimized results. 

Precision injection of the catalyst requires testing to determine drop size, liquid distribution, velocity, and spray angle. Validation of the nozzle selection and injector placement in the gas stream using CFD modeling is also typically recommended. The model accounts for tower / duct / boiler structure, gas composition, temperature, velocity and flow to determine the effect on nozzle performance and to identify possible problems, such as wall wetting. This data is then used, along with the chemical mixing efficiency, to determine the expected reduction in NOx and ammonia or urea slip.

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