Customers work with Spray Analysis and Research Services for expertise in a variety of spray applications. We provide specific, detailed spray solutions through advanced testing and modeling techniques using state-of-the-art instrumentation and software. Click an application below to see how we've served our customers.

Applications Served

Cleaning & Washing

Expertise in reducing the cost of cleaning and washing


Testing capabilities to help reduce waste and costs of coating applications

Dust Control

Spray analysis to improve dust suppression and prevention

Fire Protection

Optimization of spray coverage, droplet size, nozzle placement and more

Gas Conditioning & Cooling

Analysis to optimize applications involving flue gas desulfurization, cooling exhaust and more

Heated Sprays

Testing to optimize the spraying of heated chocolate, cleaning materials and more

NOx Control

Analysis to help facilities optimize spray technology for NOx control

finger touching nozzle spraying water

Spray Drying

Testing to optimize spray drying operations used in food, medicine and chemical processing