Spray Analysis and Research Services of Spraying Systems Co. can help facilities across industries optimize spray drying technology.

Spraying Drying Analysis and Research

Spray drying applications encompass a wide range of industries such as medical, food processing and chemical processing. Spray drying produces dried powder from a liquid or semi-solid solution / slurry by atomizing and rapidly drying the spray with gas. The sprayed solution or drying gas temperature could be applied in a hot or cold state, depending on the type of process. Nozzle bearding, reduction in energy consumption or new product development may be considerations for system improvements. 

Spray drying applications may involve:

  • Food products such as coffee or dried milk
  • Medicinal products such as tablet coatings
  • Chemical reactions to form materials such as ceramics or compounds

Typical Spray Analysis and Research Services projects for  spray drying applications include detailed testing for spray liquid distribution, drop size and material rheology assessment.

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