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The success of your spray solution depends on a thorough understanding of spray characteristics critical to your operation. We provide detailed testing and analysis to help you fine-tune your spray operations.

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PDI Turnkey

The phase Doppler interferometry instruments measure drop size, velocity and volume flux at a point within a spray plume

Droplet Size Droplet Velocity Volume Flux
phase doppler interferometer

Phase Doppler Interferometer (PDI)

We primarily use three types of PDI instruments to characterize spray droplets.

Droplet Size Droplet Velocity Spray Concentration Volume Flux
laser sheet imaging

Laser Sheet Imaging

We use LSI instruments to measure spray distribution at various angles in gas conditioning and other applications.

Volume Distribution Spray Angle Spray Concentration
laser diffraction particle analysis

Laser Diffraction Particle Analysis

LD instruments allow us to quickly and accurately assess drop size distribution within a spray plume.

Droplet Size Solid Particles
Artium Technologies HSI system

High Speed Imaging Particle Sizing

High-speed image (HSI) particle sizing with the Artium Technologies HSI system produces instantaneous images of a spray that allow for post-processing of droplet/blob characteristics.

Droplet Shape Droplet Size Solid Particles
high speed imaging

High-speed Imaging

See how we use high-speed cameras to capture and play back videos of the spray process, allowing us to help customers optimize their spray operations.

Droplet Shape
Tomographic Particle Image Velocimetry (Tomo-PIV)

Tomographic Particle Image Velocimetry

Tomographic Particle Image Velocimetry (Tomo-PIV) with the LaVision Flow Master system provides volumetric measurements of particle or droplet velocities.

Droplet Velocity
Spray containment booth

Containment Booth

Our containment booth allows us to test for significant misting and evaluate spray materials that need to be moderately contained.

Containment Booth
Conveyor testing setup

Conveyor Testing

Our conveyor tests help you understand the impact of line speed, nozzle type and other spray parameters in conveyorized processes.

Conveyor Testing
laser imaging with the Oxford Imaging VisiSizer

Laser Imaging

This laser imaging method provides instantaneous images of a spray that can be analyzed to identify droplet characteristics.

Droplet Size Droplet Velocity Droplet Shape Solid Particles
low impact testing machine using a capacitive sheet material

Low-impact Testing

We use TekScan’s capacitive sheet material to measure low-impact forces generated in the spray pattern of two-layer materials.

Spray Impact
mechanical patternator also known as a patternation table

Mechanical Patternator

Using this instrument is the most direct method of evaluating the liquid distribution of one or more nozzles.

Volume Distribution
particle image velocimetry example

Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV)

The PIV system measures particle and droplet velocities in nozzle prototypes and as part of the CFD validation process.

Droplet Velocity
phase doppler particle analyzer

Phase Doppler Particle Analyzer (PDPA)

PDPA systems with PowerSight modules provide accurate spray data across all measurement situations.

Droplet Size Droplet Velocity Spray Concentration Volume Flux
rheology testing equipment

Rheology Testing Equipment

We use a variety of instruments for characterizing fluid rheology properties and analyzing their effect on the spray plume.

Rheology Testing
Wind tunnel spray setup for testing

Wind Tunnel

Our wind tunnel serves as a simple, flexible solution for simulating environmental airflow in co-flow, counter-flow and cross-flow conditions.

Wind Tunnel