Every spray application is different, but our customers often come to us with similar questions. We’ve answered the most common ones below.

What’s the difference between sprayability testing and contract testing?

Sprayability testing will determine if a material can be sprayed and which general nozzle technology might achieve the optimal results. No detailed report is given. Contract testing is more in-depth and identifies which nozzle technology and operating conditions will specifically achieve the desired results. Data collection and analysis are performed and provided in a full report, including photos. 

How do you determine the cost and time frame of contract testing?

No two tests are the same. The cost and time frame are based on the scope of work, spray material and equipment requirements.

Can I get a discount on contract testing if I buy a system?

No. Spray analysis testing is an additional cost and service to a system quote.


Can testing dates be reserved in advance?

No. Testing availability continuously changes and a purchase order is required to secure a testing date.

Does testing have to be performed within Spraying Systems Co. labs?

No. Most testing is completed in our labs, but some applications require testing on-site at a customer’s facility or virtually using Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD).

Are witnesses permitted during testing?

Yes. It is often recommended customers witness testing to assess results and provide feedback during the process.

What if the application requires a special nozzle?

If a spray solution cannot be found among our numerous standard products, our design and fabrication teams will work with you to customize a solution for your application.

What are the benefits of spray analysis testing?

Spray analysis testing could provide concept validation, determine nozzle optimization or provide resolution to a spray problem.

What is included in the testing report?

The report will identify the specific operating conditions needed to spray the material, repeating what was achieved in the lab.

Besides a final report, what other testing documentation is available?

High-speed video and digital images are available upon request.

Is there any obligation with a spray analysis contract testing quote?

No. Our spray analysis testing quotes are provided with no obligation.

Can I get a cost estimate instead of a formal proposal?

Yes. A preliminary budget cost and time frame can be provided. A formal quote would be issued after finalization of the scope of work.

How do you secure proprietary / confidential process information?

A mutually agreed upon confidential disclosure agreement or non-disclosure agreement will preserve confidentiality and privacy.

Why do you require a return address / shipping account information?

Spraying Systems Co. cannot pay for return shipping of any testing material due to liability issues, company and ISO policies. Anything other than water is not permitted down our drains.

What are the options for providing and disposing of testing materials?

There are a few options:

  • Provide a return shipping account number.
  • Customer physically carries in / out the material for testing.
  • For an additional disposal fee on top of the testing cost, we can properly dispose of the material for you.

How much testing material do you need, and where do I send it?

The amount of material required for testing varies with each project. After a material is formally evaluated and considered safe to spray, we will provide shipping authorization and material quantity.

Where can I learn more about nozzles and nozzle technology?

In addition to spray analysis testing, Spraying Systems Co. offers educational seminars twice a year. Customized seminars and on-site lunch & learn sessions are also available upon request.

Can I take a tour of Spraying Systems Co. laboratories?

Yes. Pre-arranged tours of our facilities are available upon request.

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