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Custom Prototyping

Our Services

Custom Prototyping

We can help design, create and manufacture nearly any nozzle or product to meet your process specifications. Our team of experienced engineers and machinists will bring your project from idea to final result in a matter of days or weeks, rather than months.


Custom Products

We can fabricate nearly any spray nozzle or system. This could mean a nozzle with special materials, custom connection geometry, different exit orifice sizing or shaping, unique mounting, and more.

Prototype header

Custom Support Equipment

We can also help you create custom support equipment for your spray system. This could include special headers or manifolds, custom lances or injectors, or unique system piping fittings or components.

See the prototyping projects below to see how we've helped customers in the past and to learn how we can help you:

Drum Injector Nozzle

We created this custom, removable injector, featuring a cooling jacket and an air atomizing nozzle, for a high-temperature spray process. This assembly is welded into an existing system. Spray characterization testing preceded the design of this assembly to determine the nozzle configuration that would produce the desired drop size, velocity, and flow rate performance.

High Shear Mixing Injector

We created this custom injector to coat granules in a mixer at a slight angle. The injector body was designed to fit into the existing system via a sanitary flange. Prior to design and construction, we conducted testing to determine the optimal placement and angle of the nozzle/injector for the mixing process.

Simulated Rain Array

We designed this custom nozzle array to simulate rain for vehicle water intrusion testing. Before designing the system, we tested various nozzles and components to determine the type, operating pressure, and spacing that produced the drop size distribution and rain rate the customer needed.

Prilling Injector

We created this custom retractable injector for a prilling spray process. The custom air atomizing nozzle injector inserts into the custom valve assembly, which is welded into an existing prilling tower. Prior to the design of this injector, we conducted spray characterization testing to determine the optimal nozzle set-up and operating parameters to achieve the desired drop size and flow rate.


For this project, our customer provided specific performance specifications they needed to achieve. We then fabricated and tested a single injector, which matched our customer's requirements. After the results, our customers contracted us for additional prototype injector services.

Spray Gun Assembly

We designed and manufactured a custom spray gun assembly for a mixing application, complete with heat jacketing, a custom gun design, and a unique clean-out/shut-off needle.

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