Case studies

Browse through our library of modeling case studies to see how we've helped our customers and how we've contributed valuable Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) research to the greater scientific community. 

failure deformation graph

FSI: Assessing Potential Flow-Induced Vibration

Design and position a lance such that failure due to flow-induced vibration will not occur.

CFD results in FGD Tower

Reducing Sulfur Emissions in a Fossil-Fuel Plant

Optimizing any gas cooling application, including sulfur dioxide reduction, requires CFD simulation.

CFD Spray plume problem

Nozzle Layout in a Basic Oxygen Furnace

Our customer experienced severe dust lumping issues in the plant's basic oxygen furnace and enlisted our CFD expertise to reduce maintenance downtime and optimize the overall process.

CFD diagram SprayDry velocity

Understanding Spray Dry Nozzles

We performed this study to better understand the flow and spray characteristics of our spray dry nozzles.

CFD CS Fire Main

Optimizing Fire Suppression

This research study evaluated the effectiveness of hydraulic atomizers used for fire suppression, with the ultimate goal of optimizing fire suppression applications.

CFD scrubber layout

Determining an Effective Layout for Injectors in a Wet Scrubber

Via CFD simulations, we assessed two potential injector layouts for a phosphate plant's wet gas scrubber.

CFD diagram

Maximizing Food Processing Production Efficiency

An experimental study on minimizing waste by maximizing transfer efficiency in food-grade oil applications.

Exhaust system CFD results

Optimizing Gas Cooling Applications

We conducted this study to assess our customer's new spraying system used to cool hot kiln gas in a vertical tower.

Improving Eductor Placement in a Tank Mixing Application

We were tasked with designing and positioning tank mixing eductors in such a way that stagnant areas will not occur.