The pharmaceutical industry typically uses nozzles and sprays for tablet coating and for spray drying mixed materials. Spray Analysis and Research Services of Spraying Systems Co. helps manufacturers optimize these operations.

Pharmaceutical Spray Analysis and Research

In pharmaceutical spray applications, spray distribution and droplet size are critical for a high-quality final product. Our labs can determine process conditions to achieve a target spray, or characterize a current process. Spray environment simulations may also be conducted to ensure sufficient interaction between the spray material and its surroundings. 

Additionally, FluidAir offers an industry-leading solution for fluidized bed applications. We can evaluate, optimize and simulate these fluidized bed scenarios. 

Key products and applications may include:

  • Tablet coating nozzles and modular manifolds for batch and continuous processes
  • SprayDry® nozzles designed to minimize clogging and build-up, allow fine-tuning of particle size, and resist wear to extend production runs
  • Fluid bed nozzles in top- and bottom-spray designs for Wurster coating, granulating and bead coating
  • Hydraulic nozzles for blending and high-shear granulation
  • Hygienic vessel cleaning devices for aseptic cleaning
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