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Automating Duct Cleaning Reduces Water Use and Improves Worker Safety

TankJet® nozzles eliminate manual duct cleaning, reduce water use by 65% and cut cleaning time in half


A food company producing precooked and microwavable bacon needed a better way to remove grease from oven ducts. Maintenance crews were tasked with dismantling and cleaning the ducts with handheld spray guns and brushes. The ductwork was slippery and hard to manage. In addition, the cleaning process was time-intensive and consumed a lot of water. Once the cleaning was complete, maintenance crews had to reinstall the ducts.

When we proposed using tank cleaners to clean the ducts, the bacon producer was a bit skeptical, but agreed to a trial after seeing a demonstration. TankJet® 9 tank cleaning nozzles were installed in one section of ductwork. The sanitation crew verified the cleaning efficacy and approved the nozzles for use.

Automating Duct Cleaning Drawing

Designed for clean-in-place operations, TankJet 9 tank cleaning nozzles feature six rotating streams and quickly and efficiently remove the grease from the ducts. No manual labor is required except to remove a small portion of the duct prior to the cleaning cycle for water drainage. Twenty-three TankJet 9 tank cleaning nozzles are now in use in ducts throughout the plant.

Automation of the duct cleaning with TankJet® nozzles has dramatically reduced water use. The ducts are now cleaned using 65% less water in half the time as the manual method. In addition, workers are no longer required to climb ladders to dismantle the ductwork and handle slippery, unwieldly panels. The food processor recouped its investment in new TankJet 9 nozzles in just a few months.

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tankjet 9 fluid driven tankcleaner

TankJet® 9-B and 9-C Fluid Driven Tank Cleaning Nozzles

Ideal for CIP and sanitary applications, TankJet 9-B tank cleaning nozzles use six flat sprays to provide complete 360° coverage.

TankJet 9 Rotating Nozzle rinsing tank

Watch the TankJet 9 in Action

Effectively rinse tanks with TankJet 9 rotating nozzles

TankJet 9 nozzle

TankJet 9 Tank Cleaning Nozzles

Well-suited to clean-in-place and sanitary applications; chemical distribution and passivation

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