Bakery Reduces Scrap by 40% with Automated Spray System

Manually coating gingerbread cookies with butter flavoring prior to baking was creating issues for a large commercial bakery. Workers were applying the flavoring using handheld spray guns. The process was time-consuming, and the results were inconsistent. The bakery was experiencing a high scrap rate due to the application of too much or too little flavoring. An alternative to the existing industrial baking equipment was needed.

Bakery spraying application drawing

An AutoJetĀ® 1550+ Modular Spray System and an electrically-actuated PulsaJetĀ® spray nozzle provided the bakery with the precision coating required. As cookies pass through the spray station, the proper volume of coating is applied. The system uses Precision Spray Control (PSC) to cycle the food-grade PulsaJet nozzle on and off very quickly to control flow rate without affecting spray performance. Flow rate adjustments are automatic and made when operating conditions, such as line speed, change. The compact AutoJet 1550+ Modular Spray System is mounted on a mobile cart for easy use on other conveyor lines.

The bakery has reduced its scrap rate by 40% since the installation of the AutoJet® 1550+ Modular Spray System. In addition, workers have been deployed to other tasks and flavoring waste has been eliminated. The bakery recouped the cost of the new system in just under 10 months.

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AutoJet 1550+ Controller

AutoJet Spray Controller

Provides precise flow rate and spray timing, eliminating overspray and waste

Precision Spray Control Savings

Precision Spray Control (PSC)

PSC involves turning nozzles on and off very quickly to control flow rate. This cycling is so fast that the flow often appears to be constant. Pressure remains constant enabling flow rate changes without changes in spray performance

PulsaJet Nozzle

PulsaJet Nozzles

Electrically-actuated nozzles deliver advanced spray performance.

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