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FullJet® HHMFP Standard Spray Nozzle Pattern Demonstration

FullJet HHMFP Standard Spray Nozzle Pattern
FullJet® HHMFP Full Cone - FullJet® Nozzle - 3/8HHMFP-6022 @ 40 psi (3 bar); Spraying Systems Co. FullJet® nozzles produce a solid cone-shaped spray pattern consisting of medium to large sized drops with a round impact area. The spray pattern is uniform, providing even and thorough center-to-edge coverage. Patented vane design provides the largest free passage of any spray nozzle of its type.; Use FullJet® maximum free passage nozzles in a wide variety of applications -- aerating waste water treatment, cooling, dust control, fire suppression/prevention, gas scrubbing and washing coal sand and gravel. FullJet® Maximum Free Passage spray nozzles are especially great for applications prone to clogging. The nozzles are available in a wide variety of configurations, capacities, connections, materials, spray angles and sizes. Many models are available with a choice of impact areas of wide angle, square and oval.

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