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High-Impact TankJet® 360 Installed on Hose

TankJet 360 High Impact cleaning
TankJet® 360, from Spraying Systems Co., cleans tanks up to 100' (30m) in diameter. For demonstration purposes the TankJet® 360 was hung from a hose and placed in a 2' (0.6m) diameter tank. Even while hung on a hose the TankJet® 360 remains steady while spraying. The high impact cleaner does not hit the sides of the tank. ; The TankJet® 360 outperforms other fluid driven tank cleaners with more consistent impact over the entire pressure range. High impact cleaning results in shorter cycle times so tanks are returned to service more quickly. Lightweight and compact, the unit fits in small tank openings. ; TankJet 360 is ideal for blenders, breweries, food processing, petrochemical, pulp storage, processing, tanker trucks and wineries.

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