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TankJet® D41800E Nozzles Compact Constant-Speed Nozzles Provide Superior Cleaning

TankJet D41800E Nozzle
Demonstration of a TankJet® sanitary, tank cleaning nozzle with flat sprays -- D40800E-3A. The TankJet® D41800E-3A features three flat sprays for high-impact cleaning of tanks up to 12' (3.7 m) in diameter. The slow, controlled rotation speed means more spray dwell time on tank surface. The D40800 also provides better spray impact than conventional free-spinning, rotating nozzles. ; These nozzles are ideal for use in food processing, pharmaceutical tanks and chemical processing applications as the nozzle conform to the 3A sanitary standard 78-01. The sanitary design and durable materials of construction make this nozzle an ideal choice for CIP tank cleaning operations.

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