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WashJet® MEG High Impact Spray Demonstration

WashJet MEG High Impact Spray
WashJet® 1/8MEG-6501 Flat Spray Nozzle @ 600psi (41 bar); Spraying Systems Co. MEG WashJet® high impact spray nozzles produce a high impact solid stream or flat spray pattern. The MEG WashJet® nozzles produce spray angles of 5° to 65° at operating pressures from 300 to 4000 psi (20 to 275 bar). MEG series WashJet® nozzles feature especially hardened stainless steel construction for longer wear life and flow control accuracy.; Use WashJet® nozzles in a wide variety of applications - pressure washing, robotic spraying, sealant and adhesive spraying, paint spraying and road paint striping.

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