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WhirlJet® AX Hollow Cone Spray Nozzle Pattern Demonstration

WhirlJet AX Hollow Cone Spray Nozzle Pattern
Standard Angle Spray - WhirlJet® AX Hollow Cone Spray Nozzle @ 40 psi (3 bar); Standard hollow cone WhirlJet® spray nozzles feature a hollow cone spray pattern with a ring-shaped impact area. They produce a uniform distribution of small- to medium-sized drops over a wide range of flow rates and pressures and are well-suited to applications that require good atomization of liquids at lower pressures, quick heat transfer or effective airborne drop impingement. WhirlJet® nozzles also feature large and unobstructed flow passages, which minimize or eliminate clogging.; Use WhirlJet® hollow cone spray nozzles in a wide variety of applications - brine spraying, chemical processing, dust control, evaporative cooling in spray ponds and cooling towers, gas scrubbing, washing and cooling, metal treating, product degreasing, water aerating and water cooling.

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