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July 22 - 24, 2024 VIRTUAL
1/2 day sessions
9AM – 12PM CDT

Join Us for Spray Technology Expertise, Simulations, Lab Demos, Vibrant Q&As and More!
Atomization & Nozzle Basics

Physics of Atomization
Spray pattern types
Liquid break up and distribution
Common hydraulic applications
Pressure and flow
Effective orifice diameter
Impact force & pressure
Air Atomization
Applications - Humidification,
Spray drying, Thin coating
Electrostatic & Hydraulic nozzles
Nozzle Design & Process Optimization

Measurement techniques
Attributes of performance
Optimized spray solutions
Measurable results
Flow rate and pressure
Liquid properties
Angle, coverage, and distribution
Drop size
Statistics and terminology
Instrument types

Sustainability & Monitoring

Pulse width modulation
Spray controllers
Feedback control
Nozzle wear
Sustainable practices
Modeling and multiphase CFD
SprayScan® Suite
Real-time spray monitoring
SMART Spray Control
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