Many operations in every food processing plant use spray technology. Spray Analysis and Research Services of Spraying Systems Co. has experience and expertise in all of them and can help you optimize performance and minimize waste.

Food Processing Spray Analysis and Research

Typical food processing challenges include application of viscous coatings, spray drying, lubrication, washing conveyors, cleaning cans and sanitizing equipment. Our unmatched experience ensures that we can analyze your issue and develop a solution for your needs in operations such as:

  • Coating: eggs, butter, oil, chocolate, marshmallow, sugar, flavors, colorants, preservatives and adhesives
  • Cleaning: conveyors, produce, cans, bottles and general plant clean-up
  • Cooling: can welds, carcasses, post-pasteurization and frosting
  • Drying / blow-off: cans, bottles, packages, product blow-off from conveyor and product transport between conveyors
  • Food safety: antimicrobial and mold inhibitor application
  • Lubricating: pans, mold release and conveyors
  • Spray drying: coffee, tea, milk, whey, yeast, cocoa, baking powder, spices and baby formula
  • Tank cleaning: cleaning, sanitizing and rinsing tanks of any size

Detailed solutions can be determined in the Spray Analysis and Research Services lab using our heated system and mock-up conveyor facilities, as well as detailed liquid distribution and drop size instruments.

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